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Obd Diag & Scan Crack

  1. V2.22 FW V4.036 KESS V2 Manager Tuning Kit Master Version with Unlimited Token

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  2. Super VAG 12.12.3 hex usb can interface English

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  3. Obd2 DPA 5 Dual CAN Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 Dual CAN USB-Only Kit & USB-Wireless Kit(Free sent cummins calibration DVD/INCAL 2013)

    DPA 5 Dual CAN Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 Dual CAN is the most rugged Dual CAN RP1210/J2534 Vehicle Datalink Adapter available.Comes with a 2-year warranty with purchase options for up to 4-years.Patented screw-in USB cable keeps you from constantly repairing/replacing your adapter.Supports most OEM RP1210 and J2534 diagnostic/reflashing applications.Includes DG Diagnostics, a free heavy-duty diagnostic software package!

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       DPA5-MENU.doc     Language of software list.doc    

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  4. Obd2 Derniere Version V160 Renault CAN Clip

    Interface Diagnostic Can Clip Renault V160 is designed to diagnose Renault cars models including automatically test all Renault models' computers,reporgramming,airbag test and other functions.The newest version is V160, and it supports multiple languages.

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  5. DPA5 Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 Heavy Duty Truck Scanner

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